Industry 4.0 Transforamtion

As an I4.0 value integrator, our focus is on business results rather than just technology. We put the business performance and the bottom line in the heart of the digital transformation journey 

Industry 4.0

We consider ourselves as partners & facilitators throughout our customer’s journey of transforming from manual into digital. We help in establishing a new reality of new processes, culture, and........... Read More


Digital Security

Our Information Security services revolve around extensively evaluating our customer’s information security standing to minimize risk. We work hard to make sure that our customer’s infrastructure is tightly secured......  Read More


Iken Academy

We help our customers prepare their workforces for digital transformation by providing powerful training & knowledge transfer opportunities that will help in increasing .... Read More

Eng. Hossam El Gamal - Iken CEO, participating in Africa Industrialization Week (AIW) 2021 Side Event "Road to the 4IR for Africa" 

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Iken is participating in AFICTA 2021 9th Annual Summit on 8-9 December 2021 under the theme: Accelerated Digitization for Economic Revolution in Africa: Prospects and Challenges. Read More

Iken participated in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production in Cairo ICT 2021. Through the exhibit, Iken professional team interacted with several market players discussing and exploring the potential and latest updates of Industry 4.0 transformation and cyber security.

Iken Academy team successfully graduated the first cohort of AWS re/start program as "Certificated Web Practitioners"  in cooperation with UNDP in October 2021.

مبادرة تدريب مهندسي مصر على تقنيات
الثورة الصناعية الرابعة

تنفيذاً لتوجيهات القيادة السياسية 

تدريب مهندسي مصر على تقنيات الثورة الصناعية الرابعة في مبادرة تطلقها "وزارة الإنتاج الحربي" بالتعاون مع "جنرال إليكتريك الرقمية" و "أيقن".  وزير الدولة للإنتاج الحربي: نستهدف تأهيل (١٠٠٠) مهندس مصري ليكونوا بمثابة قادة التغيير نحو تحول الصناعة وفق نظم التحول الرقمي وتقنيات الثورة الصناعية الرابعة

Iken Services

Organizational Transformation 

Industry 4.0 Applications

  • Industry 4.0 Organizational Readiness Assessment

  • Organizational Governance

  • Organizational Development based on Best Practices optimized for the Egyptian Market

  • Modeling & Simulation

  • Integrated Dashboarding

  • Advanced Analytics & Big Data

  • Digital Twinning 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Predictive Maintenance 

  • Responsive Human Interfacing

  • Vertical and Horizontal Integration

  • Reverse Engineering 

  • Additive Manufacturing

Digital Security

  • GRC Service

  • VAPT Covering IT, OT, and IOT Environments 

  • Strategy & Governance

  • Digital Security (IT, OT, IoT Security Solution Delivery)
    Security Transformation

  • Digital Security Consultancy Service 

Iken Academy

  • Change Management & Digital Readiness

  • Industry 4.0 Technology & IT/OT Security

Iken integrates the three major pillars of I4.0 integration into a complete customized solution that affects the bottom line such as; improved cost structure, longer machine life, agile production, and leaner manufacturing.

Some of Our Loyal Customers

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MOMP Protocol
MOMP Protocol

Signing the protocol documents with Ministry of Militry Production

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AOI Signing Event
AOI Signing Event

Protocol signing event with Arab Organization for Industrilization

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