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Industry 4.0 Transformation

As an I4.0 value integrator, our focus is on business results rather than just technology. We put the business performance and the bottom line in the heart of the digital transformation journey 

Industry 4.0

Iken provide multiple layered Industry 4.0 solutions using emerging technologies such as, Artificial Inteligence (AI), Industrial IoT, Digital Security, Big-data Analytics, Additive Manufacturing, etc. Capitalizing on its compounded years of expertise and its strategic alliances/Partners, Iken enable its customers to ........... 

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Digital Security

Iken is a full-range Digital Security (IT/OT) Integrator. It includes long-term experienced Digital Security Consultants, Multilayer Security Policy Formulation, and Risk Mitigation Expertise, combined with latest Digital Security world wide tools & technologies from highly recognized  vendors ......  

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Iken Academy

IKEN helps its customers prepare their workforces for the digital age by providing specialized capacity building opportunities that are supported by the world’s leaders in Digital Transformation. Our customers easily realize the direct ROI generated from   .... 


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Join our Upcoming Webinar

Monday 20 March - 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Learn how industry 4.0 applications can propel your food [processing factory/facility growth. See how other international players in the industry were able to maximize their return on investment (ROI) and grow ahead of the competition. The workshop focuses on the major pains of the industry such as quality, maintenance, inventory, waste, and operations management. You can observe how better information can enable you to make better/informed decisions. nothing is worst than making decisions with poor information. 

Industries Served

Iken integrates all major pillars of I4.0 integration into a complete customized solution that affects the bottom line such as; improved cost structure, longer machine life, agile production, and leaner manufacturing.

Iken Resources Center

Join Iken community and explore our outstanding resources center with many valuable resources covering all areas of industry 4.0, digital security, and business competitiveness. You can also share your opinion with our expert teams. The goal of Iken Resouces Center is to support and help our customers, the Egyptian business community and our digital transformation enthusiasts.  

Five Ways (AI) Will Change industry 
in 2022

AI & machine learning offer manufacturers a chance for new & stable growth.  When paired with traditional automation, it can improve efficiency and decrease costs ......

What You Need to Know to Fight Ransomware and IoT Vulnerabilities

Ransomware dominated the news headlines in the first half of 2021, particularly with the attack on Colonial Pipeline. While this notable incident did not include a direct breach of the OT network, pipeline systems were ....

Reasons why Modern Manufacturers need Cyber Security

As industries become more data-driven, manufacturers are facing a new threat to consider cybercrime. Manufacturing companies can be particularly vulnerable to digital threats due to....

Do you know enough? - Big Data Analytics

Do you really know your customer? Your operations? Your business? Big data analytics is the use of advanced analytic techniques against very large, diverse data sets that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, from different sources, and in different sizes from terabytes to zettabytes. 

Machine Vision and Quality Control              

All industries are becoming digital regardless of the name of the process. You can call it the 4th industrial revolution or smart manufacturing, what really matters is how this digitization can .....

Industry 4.0 & Climate Change

Industry emissions account for 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. But production processes are currently undergoing massive shifts due to digitalization efforts and industry 4.0 application

Some of Our Loyal Customers

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