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Ahmed Kamal

As he was the Executive Director of the National Management Institute (NMI), Ahmed Kamal is paying great attention to capacity development and continuous training as being one of the core fields of NMI; along with other projects related to processes and re-engineering, quality management...etc.


Since 2015 and incapacity as Minister of Planning, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform Advisor, and Director of Law Enforcement National Program, Ahmed Kamal is responsible for the follow-up of fighting corruption and crime laws implementation, which reflects on the international level of Egypt government ability to compete and encourage national and foreigner investments as a result of accountability and increase confidence in the judicial system efficiency.


Ahmed was the Director of the e-Government Program, at the Ministry of State for Administrative Development for three years. He was in charge of developing the strategic plans, policies, and implementation mechanisms for several e-Government projects in Egypt, with the aim of simplifying the procedures and availing the government services via different channels such as the Internet (, call centers, SMS, Mobile Apps., using the new available technologies. Ahmed was also in charge of the follow-up and evaluation of the projects’ progress, both financially and administratively, and the extent of achievements of planned objectives, as well as to contribute to the development of the solution to the difficulties either individually or through the participation of committees, and especially the follow-up of International Conventions for all Ministry of Administrative Development programs.


In addition, Ahmed represented the Ministry in seminars, conferences, and forums as a key spokesperson at the international, regional, and national levels, and in charge of networking with participants to define potential projects and building partnerships with both the public and private sector and the international community. Among the most important achievements as a Program Director, Egypt was ranked #29 of the world according to the United Nations indicators to measure the evolution of e-government (UNPAN) for the year 2012 index and ranked #7 in the e-Participation index. Ahmed also established a partnership with the South Korean Government and NIPA for developing the Egyptian Government Master plan, and the establishment of the Unified Data Center, which is the first of its kind, as a mutually cooperative effort with South Korea, which occupies the first place in the United Nations indicators. 


Ahmed was interested during his work on configuring the work environment and the rehabilitation and training of human resources to improve the program performance and raise the efficiency of the employees under his supervision and qualifying the potential leaders from youth. Ahmed also focused on documenting and facilitating the exchange of data and knowledge between the different projects, and the development of the internal procedures of the Ministry.

Ahmed Kamal has acquired many experiences and leadership skills through his work with various organizations and agencies for 30 years, ranging from small and international companies prior to joining the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, which formed his extensive knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Public and International Relations, Strategic Planning and Change Management. Ahmed received several honor certificates, whether from the organizations he has worked for, or cooperated with through his work. 

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