Dr. Nedal El Said

Advisor to the CEO

More than 25 years in the field of development and entrepreneurship, in public and private sector companies, as well as supervising the preparation and implementation of information technology systems in international companies and institutions by leading groups to define strategic goals, choose a course of action, and evaluate results and performance. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University “The impact of developing the information management systems on sustainable development - Germany Case Study.” 

Dr. Nedal also is Certified in Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He has several publications, such as: 
•    "Logical Framework Analysis (LFA): Through the Current Information Systems to Promote the Mainstreaming of Global Environmental Issues in National Plans and Policies-Case of Egypt", International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology. "
•    Defining and Solving the Organizational Structure Problems to Improve the Performance of Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs - Egypt", International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. 
•    “Establish new reports and new inquires through the usage of Business intelligent tools to handle the defects of the current reports and inquires - Ministry of state for environmental affairs – Egypt", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology. 
•    "A survey on Business Intelligence Application to Evaluate the Software Quality From End User Point of view ” International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research


Dr. Nedal occupied several positions across many sectors and organizations such as The Egyptian Company for Spinning and weaving Cotton Public sector - (Wooltex Company), Champion for Foods Oils, Sila for Food Oils, National Bank of Egypt, Al-Mansour Auto Group (Mansour Chevrolet), Deutsche Telekom AG, Bavarian Auto Group – BMW. 
Additionally, Dr. Nedal was a member of The Egyptian parliament from Jan. 2016 to Jan 2021 Head of The Communication and Information Technology Committee.