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Hossam Reda El Gamal


CEO - Iken

Hossam Elgamal has more than 25 years of professional experience in ICT both in private and public sectors. After founding and managing several successful IT companies he was asked to bring his expertise into multi-stakeholder public policy management being selected in 2013 and till Feb 2017 by the UN Secretary-General to become one of 9 Global Business Representatives among the 55 MAG members advising on The Internet Governance Forum.


He is CEO of iKen, a company working in digital Transformation & industry 4.0 projects, representing a group with more than 600 hundreds specialized employees and hundreds of references, with over more than 30 years of market experience.


He was elected Chair of AfICTA in October 2018 where he has been a board member of since 2014 contributing in making synergy between African nations ICT industries, connecting with International ICT organizations and advocating for Africa ICT industry (with focus on developing countries and SMEs) before the governing bodies to help shaping policies and achieving Africa 2030 SDGs.


Hossam was the Vice-Chairman of Eitesal Business Association till May 2015 (the leading Egyptian ICT Association) heading its executive office, advocating & boosting the industry business development, technical & entrepreneurship capabilities. During the same period he was a member of the National Child Internet Safety Committee.


He was selected by the Egyptian Prime Minister in Dec 2015 and till May 2018 to chair the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center IDSC ( with the purpose of supporting the Egyptian Cabinet with required information gathering, analysis and decision support recommendations focusing on inclusive Development, citizen satisfaction, crisis management, and digital transformation.


Currently, he is also selected as an expert member on the advisory committee of the higher council for Egypt Digital Transformation since Jan 2018. And he is also selected as Digital Transformation Advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Manpower and to the National Digital Industry Committee.


Hossam is focused on achieving prosperity through digital transformation by capitalizing on technology transfer and localized creative projects serving 2030 SDGs.

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