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The Digital Economy Commission (DEC) at

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has appointed

Eng. Hossam El Gamal as its Ambassador in Africa

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Engineer Hossam Reda Al-Gamal is appointed as an ambassador for The Digital Economy Commission (DEC) at The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Africa, which will provide opportunities for increased communication and international cooperation for the digital economy, as well as decrease the digital divide between the African community and the international community.

The International Chamber of Commerce in Paris- France aims to promote international trade and investment as a means of achieving inclusive growth and prosperity. The Chamber is the institutional representative of more than 45 million companies in more than 100 countries.

The Chamber also represents  business interests at the highest levels of intergovernmental decision-making, whether in the World Trade Organization,  the United Nations  or  the G-20 - ensuring that the voice and views reach strategic decision makers.

The Chamber's Digital Economy Commission, chaired by Carlos López Blanco (former Spanish Minister of Communications, General Counsel of IBM Spain, Airbus and Vodafone, Telefónica Argentina's Board of Directors member) aims to create new opportunities for global growth and prosperity through innovation in business models, business connectivity, and knowledge transfer, while facilitating access to international markets.

The Digital Economy Commission is jointly represented by the deputies of the world's largest companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Disney. As part of the ICC's interest in having fair representation of different continents, especially developing countries, the Chamber has launched an initiative to have an ambassador in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

"Digitization is a challenge for all sectors of economy and companies of every size," said Mr. López Blanco. I am delighted to work with the diverse global network of private sector leaders at The International Chamber of Commerce to create an enabling environment for investment, creativity and innovation in the development of information technology and communications, as well as to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive growth of the digital world."

Engineer Hossam Reda Al-Gamal has been selected in this position in light of his previous experiences with the International Chamber as a representative of small and medium-sized companies in the Internet Governance Forum at the United Nations for three years, as well as his previous presidency of the Organization of the African Alliance for Information Technology and Communications (AFICTA) His diverse experience in policy making and leadership of modern digital transformation, in addition to his roles in the private sector as CEO of IKEN, his experience in leading local, regional and international business associations as well as his previous leadership of the Information Center and decision support Ministers from January 2016 to May 2018. 

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