Industry 4.0

We consider ourselves partners & facilitators for our customers’ digital transformation program to achieve Competitiveness, Sustainability, and Better ROI. We help in establishing new processes, cultural changes, & customer overall unique experiences.

We help our customers realize:

  • Recognized cost saving & ROI improvement.

  • Unmatched data insights & Business Intelligence. 

  • Increased Operational Control, Efficiency, & Responsiveness.

  • Stronger competitiveness (and shorter time to market).

  • Enhanced Production Agility & Customer Centricity

We provide a wide range of Industry 4.0 solutions using emerging technologies such as:  Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, Embedded Software, digital security, additive manufacturing, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Block Chain, and Autonomous Robots. Capitalizing on our compounded years of expertise, unique skill set, and strategic alliances, we help our customers to have an operational customized solution that delivers outstanding business results and improve the overall performance of the organization. 

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Some Industry 4.0 Solutions

Predictive maintenance is a technique to predict the future failure point of a machine component, so that the component can be replaced, based on a plan, just before it fails. Thus, equipment downtime is minimized and the component lifetime is maximized.

Digital Twin A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. Digital twin refers to a digital replica of potential and actual physical assets (physical twin), processes, people, places, systems, and devices that can be used for various purposes.

Smart Grid A smart grid is an electricity network enabling a two-way flow of electricity and data with digital communications technology enabling to detect, react and pro-act to changes in usage and multiple issues. Smart grids have self-healing capabilities and enable electricity customers to become active participants.

Advanced Analytics is the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Precision Agriculture Precision agriculture seeks to use new technologies to increase crop yields and profitability while lowering the levels of traditional inputs needed to grow crops (land, water, fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides). In other words, farmers utilizing precision agriculture are using less to grow more.

Energy Optimization Energy optimization means using—and not using—energy in the work environment to maximize benefits for the climate and for people. 

Responsive Merchandising is a merchandising method that ensures that your merchandise experience automatically optimizes based on customer preferences and insights gathered through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smart Inventory Optimization is a method of balancing capital investment constraints or objectives and service-level goals over a large assortment of stock-keeping units while taking demand and supply volatility into account.

Accurate Traceability is the ability to accurately trace all processes from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal to clarify "when and where the product was produced by whom."

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